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15 April 2016

Elena Ferrante has just been short-listed for the International Man Booker Prize, I am as fascinated by her as anyone, envy her anonymity and having grown up in Italy during a roughly similar period have followed her wonderful novels with particular interest.


13 April 2016

This Spring marks the 200th anniversay of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and the RSL Magazine asked me to write a piece about why it's been an enduring influence on horror fiction


12 February 2016

Writing once or twice for the Daily Mail is always a pleasure, even if "respectable" writers are suppoosed to turn their noses up at it. Few of those who condemn this newspaper know that the only reason why one can afford to write for the Guardian is because the Mail then buys the same piece (paying the Guardian 50% of the writer's fee). I don't agree with the Mail's politics, but even without the fact that it is now the only paper to pay a fee over subsistence-level, its editors are among the most professional and polite in the business. So I post this without apology - and without the one-sentence paragraphs which they use to turn copy into their house style.


08 July 2014

Hallucinating Authors

29 April 2014

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